Who is Divea K?

Divea K was born with divine gifts such as Clairvoyance. She could see Angels and Masters around her in her childhood. In 2005, She learnt Meditation in search of God. She started doing Zen Meditations given by Master Osho. She did her graduation in Commerce in 2005. She has worked in Cathay Pacific Airways, Jet Airways and Delhi Duty Free. She has received Masters Degree in Finance.
She got Fibromyalgia, Disc bulge and spondylitis in 2010. Her health issues increased and she left her job. She was in Search of a Cure. Where there is a will, there is a way. She founded Reiki Healing Therapy in 2014. She learnt Reiki, Angel Therapy and Magnified Healing. She received Ana Pan Dhyan from Bhramrishi Patriji in Bangalore Pyramid Society. Patriji became her Guru and gave her message to connect with the divine through the Breathing.” Divya means divine and it is a time for you to go towards Divinity.”
Divea K was going on the path of Healing. She healed her health issues completely. The universe chooses the healers by bringing light into their lives in the time of darkness. She never knew that at the end of the tunnel Masters were waiting for her to be the One, as an Empath and Healer.
Divea k provide distance & direct Healing sessions for Health, Career, Relationship and Personal issues. She helps in empowering the Soul of the people towards Awareness.
She provides Sessions for Tarot, Angel and Akashic Readings. She has learnt more than 20 alternative healing therapies.
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