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My Spiritual Journey begins in the early years of my Childhood. When I was 8 years old, my intuitions and Clairsentient developed and I was getting Visions at night. I started Zen Meditations at the age of 20.

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  • Reiki Classes

  • Reiki Classes in Delhi

    Reiki Level 1

    We learn the basics of the Aura cleansing process through Golden light of Sun Meditation, and we use hands filled with one Divine symbol provided

    Reiki Courses in Delhi

    Reiki Level 2

    In Reiki level 2, With given Usui Symbols given we infuse more power to our healing method. Power Symbol adds the earth’s energy like kundalini energy which provides instant flow of the life force energy and grounding.

    Reiki Classes in Delhi

    Reiki Level 3

    Reiki Master symbol and its uses Karuna Reiki 13 symbols with instant healing energy Psychich surgery for various diseases and physical ailments Relief from psychic attack by removing negative energy from body, chakras and Aura

    Reiki Classes in Delhi

    Reiki Mastership

    When we want to give Reiki knowledge and teachings to others , We go for Reiki Master level Course. We have learnt how to give healing to others; here we will learn how to give attunement to others.

    Reiki Classes in Delhi

    Reiki GrandMastership

    When the disciple is ready Master appears and when the disciple is completely ready Master will disappear. BE YOUR OWN MASTER AND MAKE OTHERS A MASTER.

    Reiki Classes in Delhi

    Magnified Healing

    Magnified healing is a gift of compassion by Mother Kwan yin. We do karma cleansing and DNA healing by guided meditation of Magnified Healing.

    Reiki Classes in Delhi

    Kundalini Reiki

    This healing therapy will make your healing faster and easier with the help of Master Kuthumi.

    Reiki Classes in Delhi

    Lama Fera

    We wear the Marron gown along with the Bodhi Mala and keep the healing wand in our hands for the Lama Fea Healing.


    What We Offer

    Reiki Courses & More

    Reiki Classes is the best therapy to release the stresss and Mind Illness.

    Reiki Healing

    We offer Distance and Direct Healing Sessions as per the comfort and requirment of Individual

    Predictions & Consultancy

    Tarot Card, Angel Card Reading, Numberology, Face Reading & Aura Scanning

    Online and Offline Courses

    We Provide Individual and Group Classes & Sessions. (According to Your Requirement)

  • Frequently Ask Questions

  • For 21 days (about 3 weeks) we will do healing continuously as a ritual provided by Dr Mikao Usui. If you have skipped even a single day. Please start again and complete the process.
    The best time to do healing is early morning when you wake up and start your day with Reiki healing. You can do it before going to bed also as this will give you deep relaxation the whole night.
    Yes. If you are doing healing in your mensuration cycle. It will release suppressed emotions and energies that you want to let go during that duration. Your issues of PCOD or PCOS will also cure
    Yes, you go ahead with your lifestyle that you have been following for a long time. But surely do your healing every day.
    You stabilize the healing energy and leave. When you get the time again for healing start the process where you left for example you healed yourself till the solar plexus chakra. So now I start from there.

    Reiki Classes in Delhi

    By Divea Shree

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    More Students and Clients - What Thy Say About Us

    More Experiences

    More Students and Clients - What Thy Say About Us


    Aaditya Sharma

    Divya Mam is one of the most beautiful, and pure souls I have ever met. She has amazing abilities to heal some bodies life whosoever comes to her. Being an astonishing teacher. Aaditya Sharma

    Chetna Mehra

    Divya ma’am I m blessed that I found you for meditation, thank u for healing me...I highly recommend Divya Ma’am for tarot and spiritual therapy..... Chetna Mehra

    Neha Sabharwal

    The mentor, friend, or guide enhances the capability of an individual. Must visit or have the session for solving any of the past experiences that are disturbing you presently. You will be relaxed. --- Neha Sabharwal

    Abhishek Vyas

    In my tough time, when I need guidance regarding my life and my future. So Mahadev sends Divea ma’am in my life. Her Perspective on life is very clear and practical. Thank you Abhishek Vyas

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