Reiki Level 1
By Divea K


Reiki Level 1


We learn the basics of the Aura cleansing process through Golden light of Sun Meditation, and we use hands filled with one Divine symbol provided

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Reiki Level 1 Course

Once I had unbearable pain in my stomach, I was not able to speak a single word. I was feeling only Pain as if my whole Life Force Energy has been transferred to one place at my stomach.

What is Healing and Life force energy
Reiki as Holistic Medicine
Which Veda mentions about energy
Invention of Reiki,History and Story

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What is Reiki ?

Re word came from the word Ray- the light of thr Universe, the ultimate solution and Source of Energy. Ki came from the word Qi - the life force energy.It need to be balanced in the human for healthy functions of mind and body. we need to maintain the life force energy for wellbeing and health.

We recieve Life force energy from Food, water, breathing and Earth's souces like Sun and Moon. Whenever our Mind and body come under a stressful situration. we loose our ease and this convert into disease. There are various reasons like lifestyle, tension, worries, anger and negative emotions behind it.

The flow of the life force enrgy intrupts in the whole energy system mentally and physically. For example if you are continuously taking stress in your eyes area, working more on system for long hours. your Eyesight become weak. Becuase the flow of life force energy has beeb interupt due to stress in eyes.

When we invoke Reiki energy it will bring the life force in the physical and mental body.

Reiki works like a charger of your phone that gives instant battery or charge your mobile to survive everyday. We need the same electric charge for our electromagnetic field and main energy centers of the body.

All you need is to plug in your mental, emotional and phystical body to the Reiki healing Energy. Enhance the capabilities of your subconcious level and achieve the goals of your life. Healthy mind creates healthy vibrations and healthy vibrations comes through Chi, Life foce Energy we recieve from Reiki.

Reiki Level 1 Content

What is Healing and Life force energy

Reiki as Holistic Medicine

Which Veda mentions about energy

Invention of Reiki,History and Story

Lineage of Reiki

Traditional Reiki and its prinicipals

Who is Dr Mikao USui

Law of attraction and power of your soubconscious mind

what is Aura or electromagnetic field

Scanning, cleansing and balancing of Aura

Aura of places and how it impacts in our energy system

What is Chakra or main energy centers

VIBGYOR light and its usage

Body parts associated with which chakra

Awakening of chakras through Reiki channeling energy

How to do the Cord cutting

How to let go of negative thoughts through CCD

Traditional healing of 24 body parts

Affirmations while healing body,mind and spirit

Reiki Calling and prayers

Water experiments by Dr Massaru Emoto

Bring bliss in water and food through reiki healing energy



    Online Course Material

  • Guided Meditation By Divea k
  • Attunement with Divine Blessings

  • Life Time Free Access For Repetition
  • Frequently Ask Questions

    For 21 days (about 3 weeks) we will do healing continuously as a ritual provided by Dr Mikao Usui. If you have skipped even a single day. Please start again and complete the process.
    The best time to do healing is early morning when you wake up and start your day with Reiki healing. You can do it before going to bed also as this will give you deep relaxation the whole night.
    Yes. If you are doing healing in your mensuration cycle. It will release suppressed emotions and energies that you want to let go during that duration. Your issues of PCOD or PCOS will also cure
    Yes, you go ahead with your lifestyle that you have been following for a long time. But surely do your healing every day. .
    Reiki Classes is the best therapy to release the stresss and Mind Illness.

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    Aaditya Sharma

    Divya Mam is one of the most beautiful, and pure souls I have ever met. She has amazing abilities to heal some bodies life whosoever comes to her. Being an astonishing teacher. Aaditya Sharma

    Chetna Mehra

    Divya ma’am I m blessed that I found you for meditation, thank u for healing me...I highly recommend Divya Ma’am for tarot and spiritual therapy..... Chetna Mehra

    Neha Sabharwal

    The mentor, friend, or guide enhances the capability of an individual. Must visit or have the session for solving any of the past experiences that are disturbing you presently. You will be relaxed. --- Neha Sabharwal

    Abhishek Vyas

    In my tough time, when I need guidance regarding my life and my future. So Mahadev sends Divea ma’am in my life. Her Perspective on life is very clear and practical. Thank you Abhishek Vyas